Review Seagate 3TB Enterprise Capacity SAS Internal Bare Drive
Seagate 3TB Enterprise Capacity SAS Internal Bare Drive

The Seagate ST3000NM0023 Constellation's Integrated Hard Disk Drive series gives you everything you need, while increasing the capacity of the ideal institutional hard drives for bulk data applications. It features the highest form capacity, 4 TB storage capacity for increased data requirements, and sixth-generation hard drives technology with SAS and SATA interfaces so you can trust with 24/7 reliability. With improved error correction, excellent parity verification and SAS-based end-to-end data integrity, data can be stored precisely every time and withstand first-rate rotational vibrations to ensure consistent performance. Other features include: Energy Optimization and Cooling Efficiency with Low Energy Consumption, On-Demand Power Selection Technology based on T10 / T13 Energy Management Standards and Multi-Engine Firmware, optimized for enterprise RAID availability. This product group includes standard models, self-encryption and self-encryption verified by FIPS 140-2.

Seagate 3TB Enterprise Capacity SAS Internal Bare Drive Specs
  • Impressive 3 TB storage space for data acquisition applications
  • Sixth generation motor technology with SAS 6 Gbit / s interface
  • The first-class rotational vibration tolerance ensures stable performance
  • Improve energy efficiency and heat dissipation by reducing energy consumption and choosing Power Choice technology when needed
  • Add multi-disk firmware to deploy the enterprise RAID system

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