Review Vantrue N2 Pro Uber 2.5K FHD Dual Dash Cam
Vantrue N2 Pro Uber 2.5K FHD Dual Dash Cam

Best dashboard camera for Uber, rideshare, and Lyft pilots
Vantrue N2 pro provides almost all the functionality a driver recorder might need. It is a two-lens driving recorder and is very suitable for drivers who need advice on how to prevent certain riots. It has two cameras that record and record the street in front of the cabin at a resolution of 1080 pixels, in addition to a front camera that can record up to 2.5 kilos. The built-in microphone can capture any verbal argument. It also has 4 infrared sensors, so the camera can take useful pictures even in completely dark environments.
  • Processor: NOVATEK NT96660
  • Screen: 1.5 inch TFT LCD (4: 3)
  • Image sensor: Front: OV4689, back: Sony IMX323
  • Front mirror: 170 ° glass mirror and F / 1.8 wide-angle lens. Back lens: 140 ° F / 2.0 aperture.
  • External Storage: 256GB maximum, Class 10 micro SD card (Vantrue micro SD card without memory card recommended).
  • USB port: USB 2.0, mini
  • Battery: 250 mAh
  • Video play: PC (Windows, Vista, Mac) / TV / Driving Recorder
1080P dual front camera and shower camera
The N2 Pro has a 170-degree front camera and 140-degree rear camera (80-degree rotation). The N2 Pro can capture both front and inside at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 fps and is used for taxis. Uber provides the perfect driving recorder for passengers, cable car, passenger and family operators, the best protection for drivers and passengers.

2.5kb 2560 x 1440p / 30fps or 1920 x 1080p / 60fps

If you do not need internal recordings that can be captured with the single front camera, the advanced F1.8 OV4689 front lens ensures superior video recording. X 1080p / 30fps.

Dual 1080P, 30fps or 1440p 1080p before 1440P] Best bi-directional camera chosen by Wirecutter for car internal recording. Based on the powerful Novatek NT96660 processor, the advanced Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor (in car camera) and OV4689 (front car camera) sensor, front camera and compact camera can detect the road (170 °) and 1920 times at the same time detail the speed of the cabin (140 ° ). X 1080 pixels 30 fps. Or simply use the front camera to pre-register at 2560 x 1440 pixels at 30 fps or 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps to capture license plates
Infrared night vision device with Sony front camera sensor uses Sony IMX323 sensor, 4 infrared LEDs and 1: 2.0 aperture. Even in the dark of the car, it can deal with lack of light and ensure perfect screen video. The front camera F / 1.8 with 6 glass lenses and the unique HDR system automatically replaces the light and dark areas of the video.
24-hour standby and automatic shutdown of the LCD screen and audio enable 24-hour active standby so that the dual camera can record automatically when motion is detected. Start and save automatically when you turn it on. The automatic shutdown timer of the LCD ensures that another illuminated rectangle does not bother you on the windshield. Ideal for most climates: -20 to 70 ° C. The built-in microphone can record excellent sound. The delay function automatically takes pictures at the specified time interval.
Repeated cycle recording, G-sensor, optional GPS positioning and clear cycle recording, replace the oldest lens with the latest lens when the memory card is full. The G-A auto-sensitivity sensor detects sudden vibrations / collisions and shuts down the emergency lens in the "event file" to prevent this video being replaced. Supports microSD cards up to 256 GB. We recommend Vantrue Micro SD cards. Optional GPS to track track, location, and speed (To use the GPS function, please purchase additional Asin GPS support: B07CYW6JXW)
The total length from 18 to 18 meters ensures absolute security

Sony infrared night vision
The front camera F1.8 with 6 glass lens and the unique HDR video system automatically compensates for the light and dark areas of the video, while the Sony IMX323 sensor with the F2.0 glass lens and the back with four infrared lights. The camera can perform night vision in environments It is poorly lit and can be placed in the car, which means the camera can take useful photos even in completely dark environments.

Loop recording and G sensor with a maximum of 256 GB
When the memory card is loaded, the fluid loop recording replaces the last device with the oldest device. The G-A auto-sensitivity sensor detects sudden vibrations / collisions and shuts down the emergency lens in the "event file" to prevent this video being replaced. Supports up to 256 GB SD card and ensures almost 24 hours recording.
Review Vantrue N2 Pro Uber 2.5K FHD Dual Dash Cam
Vantrue N2 Pro Uber 2.5K FHD Dual Dash Cam

24 hours before and after parking
Automatically switch to parking while parking. It is powered by motion detection. Once the front or compact motion camera is recognized, the driving recorder is automatically recorded. The camera requires a stable external battery or power supply (Asin: B07G9WTWB9).

Driving recorder with recording function

The built-in microphone and amplifier can record high-quality clear sound without distortion. Don't want to record audio? Turn off the microphone with one click.

Dual line camera with optional GPS
GPS is optional. You can follow the track, location and speed of KM / H or MP / H. To use the GPS function, please purchase additional N2 PRO GPS support (Asin: B07CYW6JXW).

With time-lapse photography, you can record movements, changes, or events that happen over a long period of time, or simply take photos to shoot intermittent videos during weeks of travel and save a lot of space on the map.

Why should you choose the Vantrue N2 Pro camera for fast enemy? Our advantage:

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber 2.5K FHD Dual Dash Cam Specs
  • The best options for tachographs are Wirecutter, Business Insider, CNET, BGR, Forbes, Dashcamtalk, Carpool, Therideshareguy, Uberpeople etc.
  • The most popular and most popular super camera on the market, suitable for passengers and taxi drivers
  • Reliable: Novatek's advanced NT96660 processor, powerful Sony Starvis CMOS, 4 infrared LEDs and other features ensure stable performance and long-range tachographs longer than other low-cost tachographs.
  • Higher accuracy: Unlike cameras that use Sony sensors in a typical driving recorder, the N2 Pro uses a better OV4689 sensor for the front camera to ensure better visibility. In addition to dual 1080p snapshot, this is also the case with a 2.5K advance snapshot of 2560 x 1440p at 30fps or 1920 x 1080p at 60fps. This is the best dual photo camera on the market.
  • Better Night Vision Function: The main part of the camera that distinguishes it from the competition is the infrared night vision function that the compact camera provides to the passenger. Although other cameras claim to have night vision, Vantrue N2 Pro can provide clear pictures even without lighting.
  • More storage capacity: Supports up to 256GB of external storage to meet long-term recording needs, while other cameras on the market are 32GB.
  • Advanced parking mode: When the front or internal camera detects movement, both cameras automatically record and provide unattended protection of about 360 degrees, while most dual cameras can only detect movement at the front.
  • Regular firmware updates to ensure better features and functionality and best quality. With the latest firmware update, you can optimize N2 Pro performance at any time and test the benefits of many new features.
  • Strict quality control, professional QC team and CE, FCC and RoHS certification.

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