Visionox finishes developing the bottom camera technology
Visionox finishes developing the bottom camera technology

The latest report released today in China shows that Visionox is developing lower camera technologies as the company prepares for mass production.

Visionox is known as one of the largest OLED display manufacturers in China, offering OLED displays for Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi Note 10 phones.

Chinese media reports today showed that Visionox was planning that once the company development is completed, the company will use the bottom screen technology to manufacture camera screens.

Camera technology was previously shown on Oppo at the bottom of the screen. At MWC Shanghai 2019, she discussed the main functions of technology. During this time, Oppo explained the difficulty of developing such a screen for under-screen camera technology. This technique should solve brightness and color problems. Adjust these tools according to the camera glass.

On the other hand, Visionox said the company is able to develop a screen that supports camera technology at the bottom of the screen with a film of organic and inorganic materials that gives the camera higher transparency.

Visionox also indicated that in addition to configuring the screen, the company has developed an algorithm to support screen design, which can be used to manage and fix brightness, gradient and viewing angle problems, as this eliminates camera technology at the bottom of the screen. The light flashes.

The Visionox screen at the bottom of the screen, which was developed for camera technology, also improves the arrangement of pixels around the viewfinder, as the new screen contains many technologies and patents developed by the company. The company is expected to start mass production at the end of this year.


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