Review YI FBA_93005 1080p Dome IP Security Camera
YI FBA_93005 1080p Dome IP Security Camera

YI YI FBA_93005 Hemispheres Camera, Integrated Wi-Fi IP Monitoring System Integrated 1080p IP / Zoom / Tilt / 1080p, with 24/7 Emergency Response, Auto Speed, Path, Application Remote Control, Cloud Service Used with Alexa

Expose the child's cry
Never worry about your child again. YI dome features a smart baby scream function. Every time your child starts to cry, a notification is sent directly to your smartphone. Cool the baby in person or use the integrated two-way camera sound.

Car and tour
YI 1080p dome has auto travel mode which makes it easy to clear the area. You can also select up to 8 navigation sites and then click a button to return to one of these locations.

Simple cloud storage
Say goodbye to the memory card! YI Cloud provides unlimited storage space for your track records. Even if the camera is stolen or damaged, the lens remains safe and accessible in the cloud. Thanks to financial sector-like encryption, the security and confidentiality of users is guaranteed.

Use with Alexa

The YI 1080p Dome Camera is officially compatible with Alexa and can be used with any Alexa projector. With simple voice commands, you can use the camera or watch its live broadcast directly from the Alexa device.
Review YI FBA_93005 1080p Dome IP Security Camera
YI FBA_93005 1080p Dome IP Security Camera

Don't just discover the movement, follow it! With advanced computing capabilities, the fast 1080p DI dome can detect and track moving objects. Find out more about your home.

YI FBA_93005 1080p Dome IP Security Camera Specs
  • 1080p HD, wide-angle glass lens offers full 360 ° coverage with 345 ° horizontal rotation and 115 ° vertical rotation. Advanced night vision technology with 8 LED 940 nm infrared LED lamp can extend viewing distance in darkness up to 3 meters without causing light pollution, so as not to disturb your child or LED light by LED light.
  • The advanced responsive microphone with built-in noise filter provides clear two-way audio experience. Intercom mode: one party can speak and listen at the same time, or free talk mode: both parties can speak and listen freely to achieve maximum flexibility.
  • Receive activity notifications in real time when paying. Follow the movement for 10 seconds to center the moving object. Save your favorite sites (up to 8) and click a button to return to them. Select "Auto Cruise" to scan the area horizontally 360 ° or to install bookmarks. These bookmarks are suitable for larger areas that need fast scanning (and tracking moving objects). (Only products sold by YI Technology sellers have one year warranty.)
  • YI Dome can be integrated into YI Home Series via a simple interface. Intuitive and intuitive apps can customize your settings: activity alerts, automatic speed, bookmarks, camera sharing, custom schedules, etc. Support the use of the same application / account to connect to a large number of devices for maximum convenience. Applies to iOS and Android.
  • YI Cloud supports avoiding the risk of losing screenshots to the SD card. Make sure all videos are safe. We provide the most effective compression and highest data protection so that you can rely on the security of your records. Thanks to the reliable Wi-Fi connection, you can use the YI Home app on your mobile device and the YI Home app on your computer to access the camera anytime, anywhere. Built-in Wi-Fi zone that supports 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz (not currently support 5GHz). * Computer application is for display only

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