Review KAMTRON 1080P WiFi Outdoor Security Camera
KAMTRON 1080P WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Camera, Rechargeable Camtron Home Surveillance Camera, IP 1080P WiFi Camera with PIR Motion Detection, Night Vision, Dual Waterproof Sound, Cloud Storage / Standard Definition

1080P FHD picture quality
The camera uses a 120 ° wide angle lens and 1080p resolution to capture every detail for you and to make the image crisp and sharp.

Intelligent PIR sensor
The built-in built-in PIR sensor can only detect people and pets like dogs and cats within 8 meters, thus reducing false alarms and unnecessary warnings like interlocking branches or butterflies.

P65 waterproof design
This Camtron Battery Camera is IP65 water resistant and can withstand temperatures from 4 latitude to 122 ° F (-20 ° C to 50 ° C) in addition to rain, cold and high temperatures.

Clear night vision
The camera has 4 infrared sensors that work automatically at night so you can see a clear picture of the house. Infrared sensors can measure distances of up to 49 feet, protecting your home with today's quality.

Improved external antenna
Thanks to the support of 4dB antenna, the camera can capture better signal, so the connection is stable and you can see your home smoothly and smoothly.
Review KAMTRON 1080P WiFi Outdoor Security Camera
KAMTRON 1080P WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

Cloud storage / microSD card
You can choose a storage plan from cloud storage and microSD card storage. With cloud storage, you can store recordings in a secure cloud, so you can watch recorded videos even when you are away from home.

KAMTRON 1080P WiFi Outdoor Security Camera Specs
  • Ultra-Long Wireless and Standby 100% Wireless] works with a large 10400 mAh battery and supports battery life of up to 4 months (15 frames per day), so you don't need to charge every day. The wireless camera can reduce 100% of wires and problems, and its improved external 4 dB antenna can ensure stable and reliable connection. (Note: WiFi 5GHz is not supported.)
  • Improve PIR Motion Detection and Alarm Function] This PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) detects only people and pets within 8 meters and filter unnecessary movements of branches, butterflies or butterflies and jot down what you really need. With the real-time alarm function, you can receive accurate, timely security alerts and protect your family from theft and other dangers.
  • Clear 1080P image with infrared night vision function can guarantee 1080P HD video quality and ensure that the projected image is clear and sensitive. Additionally, there is an urgent need for home security at night. This camera is equipped with a 120 degree wide angle and 4 infrared sensors. This sensor works automatically when it's dark and can protect your entire home even in the darkest night.
  • Secure cloud storage and SD card support for CloudEdge cloud storage, which encrypts your data using bank-level encryption to protect your records and remote access. To simplify things, you can also save recordings that are played dynamically on a microSD card (not included in the delivery range).
  • The multi-functional intelligent audio surveillance camera provides you with a practical, waterproof IP65 design that the camera can withstand rain, wind and snow. With the remote access function, you can get to know your home anytime, anywhere. Use the Camron Rechargeable Wireless Camera to find out more!

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