Snap announced to support Bitmoji characters in outdoor games
Snap announced to support Bitmoji characters in outdoor games

At the Snap Partner Summit, it was announced on Thursday that the first games that will benefit from Bitmoji cartoon characters will be released soon.

Snape announced the feature last year, and it now appears that developers are able to take advantage of the feature's SDK, which allows users to play game heroes through their Bitmoji characters.

Although this feature is not completely new, it is similar to the embodiments of Microsoft Xbox (Xbox embodiments) and Mii de Mai (Nintendo), but the game Bitmoji feature (Bitmoji games) is more useful in multiple platforms where it can be used in games. Cell phones, platform games and computer games.

Snape said: The first list of games that support this feature only includes games for Android and iOS smartphones. This includes several games like Nickelodeon Super Brawl Universe, Playsoft, Mattel Uno, Scopelys Scopble GO and the next game from the new French company Voodoo.

The company said users need to link their Snapchat account with games to use Bitmoji icons in third-party games.

Snap also announced today that more games will be added to the Snapchat app to participate in games that can be played in chatting with friends. In those games developed by Snap itself, including games developed by third-party companies.

According to the company, over 100 million Snapchat users have played these games since their launch last year. On average, users prefer Bitmoji Party, which allows users to compete with friends over the mini games they spend on games every day. About 20 minutes.

Snap said: It is planning to launch the new Bitmoji Paint game in the coming months, which is inspired by the famous Microsoft game (Minecraft).

In the coming months, the company is also planning other games like Breakout by Zynga, Friend Quizzes of Game Closure and Ready Set Golf! By PikPok, Sling Racers from Madbox.

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