Review Rexing V1-4K Wi-Fi Ultra HD Car Dash Cam
Rexing V1-4K Wi-Fi Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

4K video resolution
2160p resolution delivers amazing video quality four times the normal recording quality of 1080p. The V1 Dash features 4K resolution and can capture stunning clear pictures with rich colors and high contrast. So you are calm while driving.

Precise design and high temperature resistance

The V1 design is unmatched by other drivers and remains conservative due to its elegant black appearance and quiet surface.
The camera is designed for extreme weather conditions and can run smoothly at temperatures up to 176 ° F to -20 ° F.

Integrated WLAN

Use the application interface to transfer recordings from the WiFi recorder to a smartphone or tablet over WiFi. This makes sharing travel shots easier than ever.

Super capacitor
Compared to battery tachographs, the use of super capacitors to save energy provides significant advantages for long-term reliability.

Watch around the clock
When the dashboard camera detects that camera shake begins recording automatically, it automatically switches to parking monitoring mode. Several smart solid wires are required. (ASIN sold separately: B07RN24B7V)

Loop recording and gravity sensor
If the memory card is full during repeated recording, the new card will automatically replace the old one.
If G-Sensor detects a collision, the current video will be blocked.

170 ° wide angle lens and WDR
With a very wide 170-degree lens, you can attach the camera to almost anywhere while pursuing on the go.
The camera adjusts automatically by enhancing camera exposure to create balanced images and photos.
Review Rexing V1-4K Wi-Fi Ultra HD Car Dash Cam
Rexing V1-4K Wi-Fi Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

GPS is optional
Use the full GPS GPS Logger interface to play videos and view real-time information about speed, location, etc. The site appears in the app with Google Maps. (You need to buy it separately. ASIN: B07BL4NCMD)

Rexing V1-4K Wi-Fi Ultra HD Car Dash Cam Specs
  • DASH CAMERA DISCREET ULTRA HD DESIGN CAMERA: Even when driving fast, the highest image sensor OV4689 can record beautiful videos at 2160 pixels. The distinctive low design makes the V1 a good hidden witness on the road. Supports a large capacity micro SD memory card with a maximum capacity of 256 GB.
  • ULTRA 170 ° Wide Angle Lens: 7-layer glass lens opens and provides panoramic view of the surroundings. Thanks to high-quality WDR technology, exposure can be adjusted for a balanced image and lens, so the camera performs best in all lighting conditions.
  • Super Capacitors and Screen Saver: Dash cameras use super capacitors that can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, avoiding the risk of overheating and extending the life and reliability of the camera. With the parking monitoring function, the dashboard camera automatically works and records 20 seconds of video when the car camera detects vibrations, or the police camera takes pictures of a 24-hour video clip. Please connect the Smart Tool Kit to activate the standby function.
  • WIFI connection: Use the application interface to view, record and share wireless camera records wirelessly on mobile devices.
  • Episode Recording and G-SENSOR: You can record videos in 1, 2 or 3 minutes intervals. When the storage limit is reached, the new record automatically replaces the oldest record. When the integrated gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked to protect important targets. Locked video will be replaced safely.

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