SpaceX launches 58 new Internet satellites
SpaceX launches 58 new Internet satellites

SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 rocket, which carried a new line of satellites for the Starlink project. This time the number of satellites is 58 and there are 3 satellites belonging to the planet's laboratories. They specialize in photos every day. Observe the entire planet and determine directions.

SpaceX is part of the growing Starlink constellation. The company is building a constellation to provide internet connection on Earth. SpaceX has received approval to launch approximately 12,000 satellites as part of the project.

Planet Labs satellites are part of the current SkySat group, which includes more than 12 satellites that can produce high-resolution images of our planet.

With the launch of Falcon 9 in July, Planet Labs is expected to send three more satellites to deploy more Starlink satellites.

Planet Labs launch is part of the new SmallSat flight plan from SpaceX, which gives small satellite operators the flexibility to book SpaceX launch flights.

SpaceX has opened its own Starlink website, where users can sign up for Starlink news updates and provide services in the subscriber area.

The company is expected to conduct special satellite tests on the Internet later this summer, and then perform routine tests.

The total number of Starlink Internet satellites in orbit has increased to 538. This major project aims to provide global Internet coverage from space. These satellites are used to send broadband connections to Earth, and customers enter the system through users' personal radio stations.

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