Samsung responds to iPad Pro via Galaxy Tab S7
Samsung responds to iPad Pro via Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung is preparing to launch the successor to the flagship tablet (Galaxy Tab S6) last July. Previous leaks on the next tablet indicate that the Korean giant has proposed two variants this year, namely the screen (Galaxy Tab S7). Size 11 inches with 12.4 inch screen (Galaxy Tab S7 +).

The largest device (Galaxy Tab S7 ++) is also found on the Bluetooth Certification website (Bluetooth SIG), and it is believed that the tablet supports at least 5G networks in the United States and Europe.

The famous Leaker (Steve Heimerstoffer), owner of the Twitter platform (OnLeaks), has collaborated with the French housing manufacturer (Pigtou) in the design of the computer image (Galaxy Tab S7), which we can see for the first time competitors Apple (IPad Pro)).

Leck explains that (Galaxy Tab S7) looks almost like last year's PC (Galaxy Tab S6), and there's a slim bezel around the screen with two rear cameras that can be positioned (S-) with the pen antenna cables above and below.

A report from (Pigtou) revealed the exact size of the Galaxy Tab S7 at 9.99 x 6.5 x 0.25 inches, while the Galaxy Tab S6 measures 9.62 x 6.28 x 0.22. Which means that (Galaxy Tab S7) is getting bigger and thicker. Galaxy Tab S6 and iPad Pro 11-inch were released this year.

The main difference between (Galaxy Tab S7) and (iPad Pro) seems to be that Apple has chosen a more square look while Samsung has chosen a more rectangular look.

It makes sense that Android tablets are more suitable for entertainment than entertainment products rather than productivity. IPad replaces laptops. When watching movies, the rectangular screen looks better on a mobile phone.

Although the design is basically the same, Samsung has changed the position of the front camera. So if the tablet is placed horizontally, it is now on top.

Samsung has not released official information on (Galaxy Tab S7) and (Galaxy Tab S7 +), but it is believed that these tablets contain the main Qualcomm processor (Snapdragon 865) and can be improved in the camera area.

In addition, the Chinese leakage 3C list indicates that the tablet (Galaxy Tab S7) has a 7760 mAh battery, which is slightly larger than the 7040 mAh (Galaxy Tab S6) battery.
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