The European Union threatens to impose digital taxes without a global agreement
The European Union threatens to impose digital taxes without a global agreement

The European Union has threatened that Washington may raise taxes on tech giants like Google later this year after withdrawing from the talks, even if it fails to reach a global agreement. Amazon and Facebook have raised concerns about a new trade war.

"They will cancel negotiations with the European Union on the new international tax rules for digital business, which explains why the negotiations have not made any progress," the United States said.

Nearly 140 countries / regions participated in the first major rewriting of the global dialogue on tax regulations organized by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to keep pace with the digital age.

Angel Gurria, Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, called on all parties to reach an agreement. He said: "Trade war, especially at a time when the world economy is experiencing a historical recession, will harm the economy, jobs and confidence."

The negotiations aim to reach an agreement by the end of 2020, but this delay is far from the final measure taken by the presidential elections in Washington and November. The French finance minister said that France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain jointly responded to the announced withdrawal of the US Treasury Secretary. Message. .

The French minister said: After we are a few steps away from the huge digital tax treaty, this information is provocative for all OECD partners.

The Spanish government stated that European countries will not accept any threat from other countries due to digital taxes, while Italy has made clear that it is determined to reach a global agreement.

European countries claim that technology companies pay lower taxes in the countries where they operate. Because it can transfer profits worldwide and Washington refuses to treat it unilaterally without reaching an agreement with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Silicon Valley companies are raising new taxes.

European Economic Commissioner (Paolo Gentiloni) said: The European Commission hopes to find a global solution to the introduction of corporate tax in the twenty-first century. However, if this year turns out to be impossible, we know very well that we will propose a new year, and he also stressed at the European Union level that taxes can be imposed even if no agreement is reached.

France is one of many European countries that impose new taxes. While negotiating a global approach, she agreed to suspend its costs. "Let Washington return to negotiations, and France will impose a tax on digital services this year," the French finance minister said.

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