Snapchat apologizes for the controversial new candidate
Snapchat apologizes for the controversial new candidate

Snapchat platform apologizes (Juneteenth) for the controversial candidate in June which allows users to laugh to break the slavery chain. The filter failed the usual test protocol because the filter was criticized shortly after it started. A lot of criticism.

A Snapchat spokesperson said: We apologize to the community members who found this inconvenient, and several Snap members were involved in developing the concept, but the review process is not compatible with the release. Released on Snapchatters, and we are investigating the cause of this error. This is how we can avoid in the future.

The lens was led by the Looksery team acquired by Snap in 2015 for $ 150 million. Reports indicate that most of the team members are in Ukraine and may not be familiar with American cultural attitudes.

The dark-skinned Snap crew helped build the filter, but they didn't see that the software included in the final version would break slavery's bondage if the user smiled.

Atlanta-based digital strategist Mark Locky, a former reporter, introduced the Twitter filter and described it as interesting.

The filter displays what appears to be an African American flag and prompts the user to smile (this is a common method for Snapchat animators), causing the slave chain to appear and break.

(June 16) On the occasion of the end of American slavery, and on June 19, 1865, a group of slaves in Texas finally learned that American slavery had ended. Abraham Lincoln fell free. The slave statement was over two years old.

According to the report, Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap, postponed the company's publication of diversity statistics. The filter (16) was released just over a week ago, as it was feared that this information could normalize the current composition of the technician.

Spiegel talked about the company's diversity statistics: In terms of number of actors, Snapdragon is like most other tech companies. Most of the tech companies in Silicon Valley are mostly men and women. Snap is one of the few in Silicon Valley. One of the many companies that have yet to publish a diversity report.

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