The first Petabyte disk may contain glass
The first Petabyte disk may contain glass

Microsoft Silica Project focused for the first time on optical data storage technology. With the Silica Project, in which data is stored on the glass, the software giant is currently developing and developing new ways to store data over the long term.

Project Silica uses the current results to store data in the glass. Although the quality of other forms of optical data storage deteriorates over time, Project Silica is set to become a form of long-term data storage.

This type of glass is known as quartz glass and corresponds to the highly transparent glass used in the Hubble Space Telescope mirror and in the International Space Station windows.

According to Microsoft, this glass can withstand hot boiling water and temperatures caused by ovens or microwaves, floods, demagnetization and other environmental threats.

There is a growing consensus among storage manufacturers around the world that glass can become an important part of magnetic disks that meet people's data storage needs.

Due to the increasing demand for HD video and IoT growth, IDC market research projects expect that the world will generate 175 ZB of data by 2025, which corresponds to more than 33 ZB in 2018.

Microsoft partnered with film giant Warner Bros. to store movies ("Superman: Movies") as evidence of this concept, and Microsoft researchers were able to adjust the thickness of a glass plate from 75 x 75 mm to 2 mm (2.5 inches) stored at 75.6 terabytes Data from the hard drive).

On the other hand, the world's largest storage space is currently 20 terabytes and 3.5 inches. In theory, researchers could use this method to save 360 ​​terabytes of data to a DVD.

Panasonic aims to provide 1 TB of storage per day with conventional optical drives across traditional optical drives, while Seagate and Western Digital plan to develop storage drives with capacities between 50 and 60 TB by 2026.

John Morris, chief technology officer at Seagate, said in a statement to the IEEE Explore database that his R&D laboratory was also using glass as a medium for storing visual data, and said: The challenge is to develop the system. It can read and write with reasonable productivity.

Needless to say, competitors like Western Digital, Toshiba, and even Samsung can go the same way, but at first they face some of the biggest challenges, including the fact that today's glass is read only. This makes it an ideal choice. For WORM examples.

Since at least a few terabytes of internet connectivity cannot be reached, it may take years for one of these drives to be locked with a provider once one of those drives comes to market. Cloud storage.

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