The mysterious Indian company runs the world's largest piracy service
The mysterious Indian company runs the world's largest piracy service

An unknown Indian information technology company has provided hacking services that allow customers to monitor more than 10,000 email accounts over a period of seven years. These attacks were directed against BellTroX InfoTech services in New Delhi, European government officials and gambling addicts in the Bahamas. US investors are well known, including private equity giants (KKR).

According to Reuters, US law enforcement agencies are investigating all aspects of the BellTroX InfoTech wave of services targeting U.S. targets. However, there is no clear information about the identity of the customer (BellTroX InfoTech Services)) and the employer's refusal (Sumit Sumit Gupta disclosed who rented it and denied any error.

Citizen Lab team researchers spent more than two years developing the infrastructure that hackers use and published a report they believe BellTroX InfoTech Services employees were behind espionage, and the citizen was behind laboratory researcher John Rilton: “This is one of the largest paid spyware programs ever created.”

Although little interest by government-spied spy groups, paid piracy services were widespread, and according to Lytton's comments, the investigation found no vaccination.

The data verified by Reuters provides insight into the process and contains thousands of malicious messages designed to make victims forget their passwords. This news was gathered by (BellTroX InfoTech Services) between 2013 and 2020. The data was sent by the online service provider and used by hackers. Reuters has warned the company of information about abnormal business models on its platform.

Data is a list of numerical results that show the target audience and time. The list includes judges in South Africa, politicians in Mexico, lawyers in France, and environmental organizations in the United States.

Gupta was charged in a 2015 piracy case in which two private US investigators admitted to paying his piracy fees on marketing accounts. Gupta denied the hack and said: There was no contact with law enforcement officials, and aside from downloading the message from the email it received, it did not help the private investigator. After submitting credentials.

He added: "I didn't help them solve problems. I just helped them download the email. Give me all the details. I don't know how they got these details, but I only help them provide technical support."

According to data verified by Reuters, (BellTroX InfoTech Services) has targeted tens of thousands of malicious emails. Some messages attempted to pretend to be colleagues or relatives, while others were hidden as pornographic graphic notification pages that Facebook signed in or unsubscribed to.

Between 2017 and 2019, New York-based Safkhet Capita was one of 17 targeted investment firms (BellTroX InfoTech Services). The company said: Shortly after the launch of the fund, suspicious emails were found in early 2018.

The American Defense Organization has also been the target of multiple attacks, notably the Digital Rights Organization (Free Press) and (Future War). The organization said that some employee accounts might be at risk, but the organization's large network was not affected.

Free director Timothy Carr said as long as the organization continues to participate in political debates, his organization will see an increase in violations. Evan Greer, deputy director of the Struggle for the Future said: “If companies and politicians can hire if digital mercenaries target civil society attorneys they will be undermined Our democratic process. "

Although Reuters cannot determine who (BellTroX InfoTech Services) did piracy, two former employees said: These companies are usually employed by private investigators and representatives of trade competitors or political opponents. Used for hacking, hacking, electronics and e-mail.

LinkedIn's BellTroX InfoTech services team activities include email penetration, exploitation, corporate espionage, and network intelligence operations. In addition, the LinkedIn page and the employee pages of the Indian company have received personal information from people from different areas of the group. Hundreds of certified business information and private investigations.

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