The New York Times leaves Apple News
The New York Times leaves Apple News

The New York Times said that news organizations stopped working with Apple News because they were trying to compete with major technology companies to generate reader and advertising revenue.

The Apple News summary, available on Apple devices, no longer displays newspaper articles with articles from other media, and the New York Times was one of the first media organizations to withdraw ("Apple News").

The newspaper said: Apple has little direct relationship with readers and little control over its business and expressed its hope that readers will be directed to its websites and mobile applications to fund high-quality journalism.

A spokesman for Apple said that the New York Times received only a few messages a day, and Apple would continue to provide readers with reliable information from thousands of publishers.

He added, "We are also committed to supporting high-quality journalism through business models related to advertising, subscriptions and commercial transactions."

The information industry has a complex relationship with technology companies, as companies like Facebook and Google have canceled the sale of newspaper ads using the platform as one of the most important means of consuming information.

When Apple launched the News app in late 2015, Apple promised to work with publishers to help them. Unlike other technology companies, Apple has not competed with news websites for advertising revenue.

The company's approach contrasts with the way it treats its colleagues, so press organizations only appear in the application and the people (without algorithms) are responsible for the classification. The most important news.

The app contains approximately 125 million readers per month, making it one of the most read news sources in the world. However, ads on the app don't bring in much revenue for news organizations. All subscriptions sold have a 30% return.

Last year, Apple offered publishers a new way to make money with (Apple News Plus), a subscription service to their news app that provides access to hundreds of outlets, which are sold monthly for a fee. It costs $ 9.99.

Apple has told publishers that prices should be lowered. They have to share half of their sales with dozens of other Apple News Enhanced agencies, while Apple takes the other half.

The Times has a complex relationship with major technology companies. A few years ago, he tried to work with Facebook on a job called "Instant Articles", but he stopped producing instant articles for social media in 2017 and said he didn't have enough income.

Facebook is now pushing the newspaper to highlight its articles on the "News" tab of the Facebook app, as the article "New York Times" appears in Google News on the website, unlike (Apple News), which directs readers to the publisher that readers usually stay on In the Apple app.

The newspaper said: The withdrawal from the partnership with (Apple News) is not expected to have a material impact on the Times' work that will work with Apple otherwise, including applications, podcasts and devices.

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