This year, the iPhone may not have a charger in the box
This year, the iPhone may not have a charger in the box

If the iPhone 12 was released later this year, the situation may differ significantly from the previous model, as it is speculated that Apple will not connect the charger to the new device, but will sell it separately.

Seeing a reliable analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo) sparked speculation. He said: Apple will launch a new 20-watt charger as an optional accessory and will complete production of the current 5 later this year. Watts and 18 watts charger.

According to the leaked photo released earlier this week, the 20W charger will be similar to the 18W charger and will have a USB-C port for fast charging.

Last year, Apple added a quick charger to the iPhone 11 Pro.

It has been reported that Apple may not have included wired Headphones (EarPods) in the packaging of the latest phone, other than removing the charger from the iPhone 12.

In a research report to investors in May, Ko said he expects Apple to drop its wired headphones to increase demand for AirPods. Wired headphones have been included since the first iPhone was released more than ten years ago.

Ko believes that one of the reasons why Apple isn't installing a charger and headphones on the iPhone 12 is one of the reasons for higher production costs due to 5G support.

The analyst estimates that after removing the headset and charger, the company will sell the iPhone 12 series at a price comparable to the iPhone 11 series to cut costs.

However, price cuts are only superficial, as people are forced to shop from Apple or other retailers without the need for additional chargers or headphones, as Apple sells 18W fast chargers and headphones for $ 29.

It seems that (Ming-Chi Kuo) analysts are not alone, as Barclays analysts also believe that Apple will not connect chargers or headphones to the production line (iPhone 12), and Barclays analysts say: Apple can only USB connect the cable. -C Flash.

Barclays analysts believe that production (iPhone 12) will be delayed by approximately four to six weeks compared to the usual schedule. However, Apple expects Apple to announce the selection of a new iPhone in September and release it as expected.

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