Boycott ads on Facebook campaign will become global
Boycott ads on Facebook campaign will become global

Facebook county organizers are receiving support from the growing list of large corporations and are now preparing to start the global struggle to increase pressure on social media companies to eradicate hate speech.

Jim Steyr, CEO of Common Sense Media, told Reuters that the "Stop Hate for Profit" campaign would initially invite large European companies to boycott.

Since the event started earlier this month, more than 160 companies, including Verizon and Unilever, have agreed to purchase July ads on the world's largest social media platform.

"The next area is global pressure," Steyr said. He added that the campaign should encourage European regulators to take a stronger stance on Facebook.

In June, the European Commission announced new guidelines for technology companies, including Facebook, to produce monthly reports on how to deal with false information about coronaviruses.

As boycott organizers continue to invite more US companies to participate, the global movement continues.

(Jessica Gonzalez, co-CEO of Free Press, said she contacted major US telecom and media companies to ask them to introduce themselves.

In response to a request for further action, Facebook indicated that there is still a lot to be done and working with civil rights organizations and experts to develop additional tools to combat language hatred.

Facebook said that investing in artificial intelligence will allow it to find 90% of hate speech before users report it.

Extending this business outside the U.S. will freeze most of Facebook's advertising revenue, but it is unlikely to have much financial impact.

Unilever promised to end Facebook spending in the United States for the rest of the year. According to the data, this corresponds to only about 10% of Unilever's total spending of $ 250 million annually on Facebook ads.

Steyr said: They will ask global advertisers such as (Unilever) and (Honda) who have promised to suspend American ads to withdraw their Facebook ads worldwide.

Facebook annual advertising revenue is $ 70 billion. About a quarter of this comes from big companies like Unilever, and most of the revenue comes from small companies.

Starbucks said the boycott movement has accelerated, including on other digital advertising platforms such as Twitter: It will work with civil rights organizations to stop advertising on all social media platforms by stopping the spread of hate speech.

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