TikTok secretly monitors iPhone users
TikTok secretly monitors iPhone users

Several reports published online after the release of the iOS 14 beta indicated that TikTok is an app that reads user profiles all the time, although the app developer announced in March that it would be a few weeks.

Apple (iOS 14) has increased its commitment to data protection. This includes new features that give users more control over the data each application can access.

One of the new features is the new alerts that allow users to know that the application has received information from the clipboard, so this feature displays the behavior of some common applications that are represented by reading data from the clipboard.

After the new OS is released, the user will be notified as long as other applications read the content copied to the clipboard.

Throughout the application implementation process, a new privacy warning is always displayed on the screen, so that iOS 14 Beta (TikTok) users can copy personal data without permission.

(TikTok) told British Telegraph: The app does not collect data from the clipboard, but it has a system for identifying repeated spam behavior.

The app claims that this functionality leads to a new data protection warning (iOS 14), so (TikTok) will not automatically be able to access the user clipboard in future app updates.

"TikTok is committed to protecting the privacy of users and the transparency of its operations. We have sent updated versions of the app to the App Store to remove this functionality and avoid potential confusion."

According to a report published in the British newspaper "The Telegraph", there are other applications that are constantly checking the iOS product range, including (AccuWeather), (order book inventory), (AliExpress), (Call of Duty mobile phone), (Patreon) and ( Google News).

The app still has no such behavior and has a clear reason to read user-copied content from other apps, but the decision (TikTok) proves it's acceptable for Apple to add more privacy tools.

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