Twitter wants users to read articles before tweeting again
Twitter wants users to read articles before tweeting again

Twitter announced Wednesday that it will start testing a new feature that makes users think before posting unread articles.

The test is currently limited to Twitter users who use the English language on Android. If the user tweets the article again before reading it, the Twitter app prompts him to open the article first. Twitter has not announced when it plans to post posts on other platforms.

Twitter said: "Sharing an article can lead to conversations between users, so you may need to read it before posting it on Twitter." He added: "To encourage an informed discussion, we are testing a new Twitter. If you republish an article that is not open on Twitter, we may ask you to open it first."

It should be noted that this test is Twitter's latest attempt to reduce misinformation and stimulate meaningful discussion on the platform. Twitter launched a test last month that allowed users to decide who can reply to their Tweets on Android and iOS, as well as the web version of Twitter.

So far, some users have been able to define the answer for everyone, or the people they follow, or mention them on their tweets. In the past few months, Twitter has added additional functions, such as the ability to hide certain replies to tweets. It is also testing a clearer user interface for chat thread conversations on its platform.

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