When can you see Apple's foldable iPhone?
When can you see Apple's foldable iPhone?

Since the launch of foldable cell phones from some smartphone manufacturers, and foldable cell phones like Samsung (Galaxy Fold), Huawei (Mate X), Motorola (Razr) and Microsoft (Surface Duo), everyone has had the question: when can we watch the iPhone Apple Foldable?

So far, the answer is not very clear as Apple has refused to mention this issue, only a patent application for content and no more information.

It's not clear if Apple is developing a foldable phone, but buying a foldable smartphone from Apple is very attractive. So far a few folding devices have appeared, but things like screen durability and battery life are still happening. Stay with her forever.

Date of issue and price:

So far, all the rumors and leaks surrounding Apple's annual patent applications have been made. Does Apple really want to produce this type of phone without a clear idea, or is it just a design? The most serious of these leaks is the problem mentioned by John Prosser. (Current model), indicating that Apple may not have completed the design.

There is currently no confirmed information on price, but since the prices of many of the previously released foldable phones have exceeded $ 1,000, the following Apple foldable phones are expected to be very expensive.

the design:

Based on its idiomatic style, Apple has not mentioned the details of its work on foldable phones, but there are many rumors that there are already many models, including screen mobile phones.

Several patents were filed in 2019, including the design of three virtual screens folded into a Z shape, in an attempt to reduce the edges between the screens. However, this is clearer than folding the screen vertically.

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