Microsoft is not satisfied with Apple store policies
Microsoft is not satisfied with Apple store policies

Microsoft believes it is time for antitrust authorities to conduct a full investigation into the Apple App Store. Politico interviewed software giant Brad Smith and legal director Brad Smith this week. , Explains Apple's position on the App Store and how it interacts with Apple to influence competition.

Smith said: I think compared to the similar case that existed in the technology industry 20 years ago, the current build of Gebras app storage makes accessing other applications difficult.

"The demands they make show that there is only one way to access our platform, which is through our own portal, and in some cases very low prices. In some cases, high fees. For cost reasons, 30% of all profits must be lost."

Although Smith did not specifically mention Apple, Bloomberg confirmed that Microsoft CEO specifically referred to the Apple App Store.

This could mark a turning point in the Apple App Store this week in history, and the iPhone maker has been criticized for its controversial decision to reject the new messaging app (Hey).

Apple initially accepted the request, but later discovered that it violated the rules of the app store, and was assigned by the chair of the House Anti-Monopoly Subcommittee to monopolize Apple.

Apple's decision highlights chaotic policies in its app store, and the European Commission has announced an official antitrust investigation into the App Store and Apple Pay.

All this happened a few days before the company's annual developer conference (WWDC), which put the company in a difficult position to attract developers to build applications for its platform in the event.

Smith said: Whether we are talking about Washington or Brussels, I think it is time to discuss the nature of the app store, rules, prices and more targeted tools. Is there a reason to prove anti-trust law? Everything is established.

After Microsoft discovered a monopoly violation related to Microsoft's connection to Windows Internet Explorer, it appears to have extensive experience and a history of antitrust problems.

Microsoft has had to open more windows for third-party developers and implemented more stringent reviews of its practices over the years.

The European Commission has gone further, asking Microsoft to create a separate version of Windows without Windows Media Player and allowing users to choose the web browser they want.

The Apple App Store EU investigation is still in its infancy, so it's not clear what actions will be taken, but Microsoft encourages measures.

Microsoft faced its own problems with the Apple App Store when the software company tried to launch the SkyDrive app for iPhone (now (OneDrive)) in 2012, but it generated 30% of sales revenue from in-app cloud storage. The costs are controversial.

Microsoft is currently providing gaming streaming service (xCloud) under (iOS). The company launched a preview version, but it only contains one game according to the app store guidelines, and this has restricted it compared to the Android version, and Microsoft has the reason for the limit (xCloud) according to the guidelines of the Apple app store has not announced.

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