Xiaomi launches a massive power bank
Xiaomi launches a massive power bank

Xiaomi today announced the largest power bank, Mi Power Bank 3, with a capacity of 30,000 mAh.

According to this Chinese company, this capacity is enough to charge a cell phone like a 4,780 mAh battery (Xiaomi Mi 10) about 4.5 times and cell phones like iPhone SE with a battery capacity of no more than 1,821 (iPhone SE) could be this More than ten times.

Xiaomi Power Bank 3 has two USB-A ports, a USB-C port and a MicroUSB port, and can charge an 18-watt power source via two USB-A and USB-C ports. The device also supports low power mode to charge small devices like smart watches and bluetooth headsets.

The device itself is charged 24W via USB-C. If the device is charged with a fast 30W Xiaomi charger, it can be fully charged in 7.5 hours.

Xiaomi plans to sell it in China through JD Store (Mi Power Bank 3) starting June 18 for only $ 24.
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