Amazon unveils a smart shopping cart that knows what to buy
Amazon unveils a smart shopping cart that knows what to buy

Amazon has expanded its presence in the real world through modern physical products (smart shopping carts).

Although it looks like a normal shopping cart, Dash is actually the smart version for your current shopping cart.

The company installed touch dash carts and other hardware components (such as cameras and sensors) to automatically detect items loaded there and to determine the number of items removed from the shelf.

After shopping, you can take the cart to a dedicated alley where you can exit the store without even having to pay, pay or wait at the exit line.

This idea is based on Amazon's way of using convenience that can be used in the digital world and bringing it into the real world to change the food industry.

For many years, the company has tried to use the acquired knowledge in developing Alexa products (including microwave ovens and wall clocks) in order to create a true image through local acquisitions (whole foods). And the Amazon Go Store network.

These efforts have resulted in hybrid products bridging digital and physical bridges, but only on a small pilot scale.

Online shopping giant opened a supermarket in Seattle without cashier. Cameras and roof sensors are used to track buyers' buying behavior and add them to their Amazon account when they leave the company. The company has approximately 25 stores and there are no manual money changers.

The smart cart is expected to launch in a new supermarket in Los Angeles, and Amazon plans to open it later this year.

Many startups make similar smart shopping carts that are tested in stores. However, many companies require wiping items before placing them inside.

It is reported that the Amazon cart does not have a scanner, but there is a screen that shows what is there. The cart can see the customer take an item and remove it from the invoice, and there is a way to notify the basket you want to put it in your jacket or purse so you don't have to carry it.

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