Personnel robots reduce routine work in Russia
Personnel robots reduce routine work in Russia

The human robot (for use as an employee) served in a government office in Siberia and was provided with long blonde hair and brown eyes in Perm, east of Moscow.

The robot can help in certification to prove that people have a complete criminal record, do not have drug use records, and the remaining documents required to complete various legal transactions in Russia.

The robot communicates with other devices and services, checks documents (passport, birth certificate, driver's license, and documented power of attorney), selects the corresponding application according to the type of document, the visitor signs the request, the robot does not verify and sends it to the MFC information system.

The company (Promobot) said: The design of this robot used is similar to an ordinary Russian woman, and the features of his face were designed by neural networks after the artificial intelligence analyzed the appearance of thousands of Russian women.

The company found that used robots wearing recording shirts made of white shirts and brown bras can show facial expressions to more than 600 people by moving their eyes, eyebrows, lips, and other covered mechanical muscles. Made of faux leather.

The robot can ask and answer general questions about the scanner and printer (said Leonid Gromov, head of registration: The robot can also access the document database, which replaces all the employees in the office.

"Our ultimate goal is to break the barrier of human-computer interaction," said Alexey Yuzakov, chairman of Promobot. We received scientific confirmation of our hypothesis six months ago, and for the first time in Russia, social attitudes of robots were based on the conditions (MFC). studying.

He added: "The results surprised us because it turned out that the robot got the most positive evaluation from MFC clients, that is, the ideal formula for presenting the robot looks like a human who does not speak like a robot."

MFC staff tested the process of receiving robot services and sending comments, while developers worked with MFC staff to prepare scripts more accurately for human-robot interactions.

This is said to be the first Russian case in which humanoid robots have replaced public service experts.

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