Apple could launch a more powerful iPad Air computer at a cheaper rate
Apple could launch a more powerful iPad Air computer at a cheaper rate

DigiTimes reported that Apple started using its supply chain to use new Apple Silicon processors and new iPads to create new MacBooks.

According to this report, the American iPhone manufacturer expects to increase sales in the MacBook and iPad categories this year compared to 2019.

This time, the new iPad Air computer will be equipped with a 10.8-inch screen and will adopt the iPhone SE strategy, which will provide devices with powerful processors at relatively low prices.

Computer might include Apple A13 processor in iPhone SE for $ 400. However, some reports argue against that.

IPad Air 2019 uses an A12 processor that starts from $ 500 and offers 64 GB of internal storage. The 10.2-inch iPad includes the older A10 processor (i.e. 10) and currently costs $ 330. Therefore, the price of the iPad 2020 computer is expected to be between these two prices.

There are rumors that the upcoming iPad Air may be the first PC without the iPad Pro series, but it will change the Lightning connector to USB-C. You will also benefit from one of the features of the iPad Pro series, which is the Magic Keyboard stand.

For the iPad mini computer, the company plans to release a new version next year, according to a previously published report by (Manej-Chi Kuo) analyst (Apple's infusion months) and stated that the iPad computer has a 20W charging capacity. Excluding chargers, iPhones without chargers will be available soon.

13-inch Apple laptop computers (including the new Apple processor) in (MacBook Pro) and (MacBook Air) series are under development and are due to go on the market by the end of this year.

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