Twitter unveils new information related to major breaches
Twitter unveils new information related to major breaches

Twitter said on Saturday that hackers can download account information for up to 8 accounts affected by its system. It happened earlier this week, but he said: These accounts are not from documented accounts.

The company said in a statement: Unidentified attackers targeted 130 accounts. They can reset their passwords to control 45 of them and control Twitter from those accounts.

The hackers entered the internal Twitter system to hijack the accounts of some of the main figures on the platform, including: American presidential candidate (Joe Biden) and reality TV representative (Kim Kardashian) and former US President (Barack Obama) and billionaire (Elon Musk) who use the account to request a digital currency .

"Hackers can control a 'small percentage' of the targeted accounts and send tweets about them," Twitter said in a statement on Thursday.

The FBI administration in San Francisco is investigating the breach, with several lawmakers in Washington asking for an explanation of how the breach occurred. And the police: Online attackers deceived the incident to obtain a digital currency. Publicly available blockchain records show that scammers received more than $ 100,000 in cryptocurrency.

In the attack on Wednesday, Twitter said: Hackers can view personal information, including: email addresses and phone numbers for 130 targeted accounts, but they couldn't see the words. Passwords from the previous account.

Twitter did not mention in the statement the type of information the hacker had accessed: "If the attacker takes control of the account, he can publish other information." She said the hacker might also try to sell usernames to certain accounts.

Twitter said in its latest statement that the attacker "tampered with several employees" to provide internal support tools for the vulnerability. She added that she had reservations about specific details of the attack during the investigation and confirmed that she was working with the affected account holders.

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