Apple issues important warnings to MacBook users
Apple issues important warnings to MacBook users

On July 2, Apple posted a warning on the tech support page warning MacBook owners not to turn off their laptops with a camera cover.

According to the company, this can lead to damage like cracked or broken screen because the distance between screen and keyboard is narrow.

Apple said: Mac laptops are designed to protect your privacy and allow you to control your information. They have a camera tag that can notify you when the camera is turned on.

The built-in camera cap can disturb the ambient light sensor and cause malfunctions like auto brightness and true colors.

As an alternative to the camera cover, the camera light can be used to determine if the camera is active and to indicate which applications the camera can use in system settings.

Apple added, "Our products and features include innovative data protection technologies to reduce the amount of data that we or others can access. Strong security features prevent anyone other than you from accessing your information." "

The FaceTime HD camera included with the Mac is dedicated to your privacy and uses the green light when the camera is active, so you always know when to start the camera.

The camera design also makes it impossible to operate without turning on the light. This is a way to assess whether the camera is on.

As an additional security measure, you can control which applications have access to the built-in camera. Before an app can use the camera in macOS Mojave or higher, you must first grant authorization.

You can use system settings to see which apps can access the camera and to cancel or grant access to the app.

If you need to cover your Mac camera in your work environment, follow the instructions below to avoid damaging the screen:
  • Make sure that the thickness of the camera cover does not exceed plain paper (0.1 mm).
  • Do not use the camera cover with sticky residue.
  • If the thickness of the composite camera cover exceeds 0.1 mm, remove the camera cover before turning off the computer.

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