LinkedIn sued for espionage allegations
LinkedIn sued for espionage allegations

An Apple iPhone user sued the Microsoft LinkedIn network, accusing him of monitoring and reading secret user content from a universal clipboard app.

According to the Apple website, users can copy text, photos, and videos from Apple devices through the global product suite, then paste the content onto another Apple device.

The clipboard usually contains sensitive information that users cut or copy to paste, for example, b. Pictures, texts, emails or medical records.

According to a lawsuit filed by (Adam Power) in the San Francisco Federal Court, LinkedIn has read the information in the wallet without informing users.

Last week, it was reported that Apple's privacy feature warns users every time they access a file and show a warning: "Paste from email." 53 apps, including Tik Tok and LinkedIn, have been reported to read content from users around the world.

According to Bauer, these measurements have been interpreted by Apple's global business portfolio as permanent orders and indicate the disclosure of data breaches by Apple and independent developers.

A professional network official on Twitter said last week that the company had released a new version of the app to end the practice. This is due to a bug in the program.

IOS 14 developers and testers have found that LinkedIn apps on iPhone and iPad often read user wallets secretly.

The lawsuit aims to present a class of users as a class action based on alleged violation of federal data protection laws, California law, and social standards.

According to the complaint, LinkedIn not only monitors its users, but also computers and other nearby devices, exceeding the total Apple Wallet expiration time, which deletes the information after 120 seconds.

This is said to be the first time that a user has sued based on the new iOS 14 data protection feature that Apple previously made available to some users.

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