ASL gloves translate sign language at 60 words per minute
ASL gloves translate sign language at 60 words per minute

Engineers from the University of California at Los Angeles are developing a glove that can be used to translate American sign language into English using the smartphone app. The glove system works in real time with 60 wpm and 98.63% accuracy, although it is far from the final product. UCLA gloves (ASL) can become a learning resource.

Unlike camera systems, UCLA ASL gloves can be wearable or harmless, lined with flexible elongated sensors, and transform into electrical conductors that can sense movement and gestures.

ASL glove connected to the phone wirelessly. Thanks to the appropriate application, American Sign Language can be instantly translated into spoken language. Unlike the camera system, ASL glove costs only about $ 50 and can be connected to a facial sensor to capture expressions. part of. ASL.

The ASL glove is impressive, but it's still a prototype. It interprets 60 words per minute and is slower to speak to people who speak American Sign Language fluently. Glove vocabulary is only 660 words.

Despite the limitations, this glove still has the potential to help and is generally welcome. The University of California, Los Angeles, registered a patent for the glove, hoping to sell it quickly. Faster and broader vocabulary.

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