Facebook is about to merge WhatsApp with Messenger
Facebook is about to merge WhatsApp with Messenger

Facebook is currently implementing plans to integrate WhatsApp with Messenger. Facebook hopes to make life easier for chat platform users.

In addition, tech giants seem to be willing to compete to attract communication app users from all over the world this year, especially after Facebook a few years ago talked about connecting their communication platforms. More than a year.

It plans to deploy Apple System (iOS 14), many of which are clearly aimed at making WhatsApp easy to use. It is reported that Google is constantly encrypting RCS messages to address current vulnerabilities.

However, it is clear that Google and Apple will work hard to keep up with Facebook, and Facebook seems to be planning to maintain its leadership in the market so that WhatsApp and Messenger users can soon chat directly between them in their own apps.

This important step should allow WhatsApp users to send messages to friends in Messenger and vice versa. So if you have a Facebook account, you can call your WhatsApp friends without having to download the app.

This information was obtained by analyzing the Messenger app icon, which shows that it is not clear when WhatsApp will be fully integrated into WhatsApp.

There are also Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, all of which can be used to send and receive messages. However, managing communications on all three platforms may be difficult.

People have long hoped that Facebook could find a suitable way to integrate their messaging services, and it seems they have made progress in this area.

Although many people love being able to chat with people who use different messaging apps, some issues have to be fixed first, since WhatsApp uses comprehensive encryption to protect connections, but all messages sent through Messenger is not the case.

WhatsApp also stores chat information and ad-free experiences on device, which is why WhatsApp is only allowed on one device.

Since the message content has not been released to the Facebook server, the messaging app must integrate a new chat protocol between Messenger and WhatsApp.

Facebook clearly has a lot to do in this area, especially to ensure user privacy and security.

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