Canon suffers from a ransom attack
Canon suffers from a ransom attack

A week after Garmin recovered from a ransom attack, the Japanese multinational Canon was hit by a ransom attack.

Canon is said to be stealing data and systems, and stealing 10 TB of company data.

The Canon website in the US now states that although the Japanese and international websites were not affected, the website has been closed for maintenance.

According to reports, an internal email from the Japanese company's IT department stated that there are widespread system issues affecting multiple applications and this may not affect the team, email, and other systems. Be available right now.

BleepingComputer also received ransomware screenshots that were sent to Canon to identify the ransomware used in the attack.

There was an issue with the Canon Cloud photo and video storage service that led to data loss for users with 10GB of free storage.

Unlike ransomware used by Garmin (RastedLocker Ransomeware), ransomware attacks against Canon use Maze, which encrypts internal systems and transmits data.

Maze ransomware targets business, invisible hacking, and spread across the network, giving you access to a sysadmin account and a Windows domain controller.

During operation, the program steals unencrypted files from servers and backups and uploads them to a dedicated server. Once the valuable information is available, Maze distributes the ransomware across the network to encrypt all devices. .

If the victim fails to pay the ransom, Maze will publicly distribute the victim's stolen files on a data breach site designed specifically for the job.

The attacking hacking organization said: It stole 10 terabytes of data, private databases, etc. To Canon, but declined to reveal any other information about the attack, including the amount of ransom, stolen data evidence, and the number of encrypted devices.

If Canon refuses to pay the ransom, data may be lost. Garmin has reportedly received millions of ransom money to regain access to its system.

Ransomware has suffered many other important victims in the past, including LG, Xerox, and VT San Antonio Aerospace, as well as Pensacola in Florida.

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