Reuters: The European Union is investigating Google's acquisition of Fitbit
Reuters: The European Union is investigating Google's acquisition of Fitbit

Reuters reported on Thursday, citing individuals familiar with the matter, that Google's purchase of fitness firm Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion will be the subject of a comprehensive antitrust investigation next week.

Earlier this month, Google offered not to use Fitbit Health Data to target ads to solve the EU cartel issue. It is now believed that an in-depth investigation showed that the European Union considers this proposal inappropriate.

With the contract announced in November last year, Google is competing with Apple and Samsung (two market leaders in fitness equipment and smart watches) and other companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

According to a Reuters source, the European Commission, which is expected to start an investigation after the initial review on August 4, will conduct a four-month investigation to investigate the use of data in the medical field.

A Google spokesperson said: "The mobile industry is very crowded. We believe that the combined efforts of Google and Fitbit devices will increase competition in this area, which will benefit consumers and make next generation devices less expensive. More expensive. Low."

Google's promise not to use Fitbit data has been criticized by health care providers and competitors in the wearable market, and data protection advocates for failing to solve their problems. Fears that the deal could boost its dominance in the online search and data market. takes care.

In Europe, boycott campaign organizers said on Thursday to Facebook that the campaign "will not disappear" until their concerns are resolved, and then they will ask European advertisers to join.

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