Google bans advertisements of spy products on others
Google bans advertisements of spy products on others

Google said: Ads will no longer be allowed to sell products or services in the marketplace without permission to follow or monitor others.

When updating its advertising policies, Google said: This applies to spyware and technology that monitors "close partners", including: the technology of monitoring text messages, phone calls, or emails. Navigation history. This also applies to GPS tracking devices used to monitor people without the consent of others, and to monitor devices sold for espionage purposes, for example: cameras, tape recorders, police cameras, and children's cameras.

Google has stated that special investigation services and products, in addition to parenting services to track or monitor underage children, will not be included in the decision. Policy update (which allows dishonesty) will take place on August 11.

In 2018, a group of researchers examined the spyware system to closely monitor its partners and found that thousands of Google ads were shown after writing their search terms to confirm clear spy intentions. The ads included sentences from the woman who wanted to monitor the husband and husband who wanted to monitor the wife.

Researchers in the study said: Google began restricting ads to this type of search terms. When the study was published, no ads containing explicit search terms were used to monitor intimate partners.

"We will continue to evaluate and update advertising policies to ensure the protection of users," a Google spokesman said in a statement. . Spyware technology monitors partners as part of our dishonesty policy. “”

According to Google, the company's advertising policy prohibits the promotion of products and services that allow users unauthorized access to systems, devices, or goods. However, this update changes the language of the policy, including spyware and adware technologies. This spy and surveillance technology is designed to allow unauthorized users access to trusted partner devices.

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