Google blocks ads for conspiracy theories on Corona virus
Google blocks ads for conspiracy theories on Corona virus

Google said on Friday that it will prevent websites and applications that use its advertising technology from displaying ads with "dangerous content" that conflict with the scientific consensus during the COVID-19 epidemic of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The move comes at the same time as the health crisis in the United States is spreading as digital advertising giants such as Google and Facebook require more action to remove wrong information demanding the virus.

Google said: An example of content that should not benefit from the advertisement is unclear conspiracy theories such as: the idea of ​​using the new virus (Covid-19) as a biological weapon Chinese laboratories or its source is co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates or the virus is a scam, not a fact.

This policy is an update to existing Google advertising standards and is designed to prevent ads from appearing on content such as hate speech. This prevents advertisers from creating ads promoting incorrect health information.

Currently, Google only allows certain advertisers to display the Corona virus, including government organizations and health care providers, to prevent activities such as healthcare pricing.

Facebook said on Wednesday that it will create a new section on its social network dedicated to getting rid of myths about the emerging Corona virus. This is a last attempt by the company to stop the spread of wrong information about the virus. .

Before that, American billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates called for a possible Covid-19 vaccine and its medications for countries and people in need rather than "senior bidders". He said: The dependence on market forces will lead to the continuation of the deadly epidemics.

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