Realme announces 125W fast charging technology
Realme announces 125W fast charging technology

The next day, Realme announced that Oppo had announced its massive 125W fast charging technology - a similar technology called 125W UltraDART.

Theoretically, this technology can charge a 4000mAh battery from 0% to 33% in 3 minutes and meets all important charging standards.

The Chinese company has announced plans to launch smaller ultra-thin chargers. Nominal power: 50W and 65W.

UltraDART 125W technology takes advantage of two 6C batteries and can transmit 98% of the electrical energy. The charger converts 20 volts of electricity and 6.25 amps of electricity across three parallel circuits to 10 volts from 12.5 amps, and at the same time it charges two 2000 mAh batteries.

To protect the device, Rilmi installed 14 temperature sensors into the battery case, as well as additional heat dissipation devices in the smartphone. UltraDART 125W has an average temperature of about 40 ° C.

UltraDART supports many protocols, including: 125 W PPS, 65 W PD and 36 W. QC. It is also compatible with all changes to the previous arrows standard, VOOC technology and Warp Charge technology, especially Realme using OPPO and its factory R & D center, with OnePlus sharing with them.

Realme also plans to launch SuperDart ultra-slim chargers that only support 50W and 65W functions. It will be light and portable, replacing the large chargers that people usually carry when they need to charge their phones.

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