Google Chrome on Android will get 64-bit versions soon
Google Chrome on Android will get 64-bit versions soon

Google recently announced that 32-bit applications will not be shown for Android devices that already run 64-bit next year. However, not all Google applications support 64-bit, including the popular Google Chrome app for Android, and you will apparently get support soon, as Android 10 phones get this version (Chrome 85) from the 64-bit Chrome version. At least if you are already using Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary.

According to Android Police, these devices are still running a stable and currently stable Android version of Chrome for 32-bit applications, but 85 and 86 for Chrome Dev and (Chrome Canary) can be used with the corresponding 64-bit applications. (Chromium Bugs) This is also reflected in the tracker, so we know that a stable version will be released soon, which is definitely expected and necessary.

Obviously, the 64-bit version of the app works faster and better. When Google encouraged developers to prepare for 64-bit requirements, she said: We have a faster and more comprehensive experience, we will only prepare for devices with 64-bit devices, and we can see that the standard browser shows improvements. Moderate between (32-bit Chrome) and 64-bit, although this is still dependent on actual use.

According to Google Play Store rules, all apps must be updated to 64-bit version before August 1, 2021, and (Chrome 85) must be released in fixed version before August 2020.

Since only 8% of Android users use Android 10, the 64-bit version works for everyone, not just Android 10 users.

Some users using Google Chrome on Android 84 will also see the 64-bit version. However, it only appears to be a server-side key. This means that you can test it for specific users (versions 83 and 84).

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