Sony produces PlayStation 4 every 30 seconds
Sony produces PlayStation 4 every 30 seconds

The report shows that Sony's factories in Japan are PlayStation production platforms in large quantities, for example: (PlayStation 4) is manufactured by robots every 30 seconds.

Media reports indicate that Sony's secret weapon is a high-speed robotic assembly line that can produce the PlayStation 4 platform in less than a minute.

Based on this information, Japanese robots can produce two devices per minute and 120 new PlayStation 4 platforms per hour.

The factory is located on the outskirts of Kisarazu City and is a 100% Sony factory featuring 32 Japanese robots from Mitsubishi.

These robots run on an assembly line of 31.4 meters (103 feet) for the PlayStation 4 platform, which was completed in 2018.

The factory produces a variety of devices, including the original PlayStation platform introduced in 1994.

There are now four people in production. Workers add the motherboard to the assembly line and place prefab rooms in the box.

However, the robot is responsible for production, including rewinding and securing the wires in a small cavity, and 26 out of 32 robots from the Kisarazu plant are dedicated to this task.

Example: To connect a flat, flexible cable - a tape-like cable - the boom must lift the cable and the other arm must bend it.

Then you just have to press to connect the cable in a certain direction, which seems simple to humans, but very complicated for robots.

The Japanese company started implementing this hybrid strategy in 2019 to increase production and efficiency.

Sony now wants to do this on the PlayStation 5 platform to accelerate production, reduce costs and maintain quality.

Sony's PlayStation 4 platform sales exceeded 100 million units in November 2013, while the number of paid users for network services reached 41.5 million.

In addition to games, (PlayStation 4) is also a platform for movies and music that can be used for virtual reality games.

In recent years, gaming platforms have become one of Sony's best-selling electronic products.

As of this year, Sony is expected to produce four different PlayStation platforms spanning two generations of (PlayStation 4), (PlayStation 4 Pro), (PlayStation 5) and (PlayStation 5 Digital Edition).

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