Google now allows playing with digital bugs in augmented reality
Google now allows playing with digital bugs in augmented reality

If you're a fan of insects but don't want to see them in the living room, you can somehow see and play them digitally as Google now added AR errors to the results. search. You can put it in the room and display it in actual size. Google has now launched a great tool that can be used in children's family classes to learn more about animals or boredom. Or, if you're curious, you might think it's an interesting thing.

Not a lot of people love bugs, but if you want to see the errors up close, it's best to trust Google's digital mistakes based on augmented reality. All you have to do is search for the wrong name in the Google app or the search results and it will appear. If you want to display numerical errors in your area, please select (3D View) then (View in your area). After clicking on the option (shown in your area), all you have to do is follow the instructions as you are sometimes asked to move your phone on the floor. If you want to check them, you can also view the actual errors or most important errors.

One way to help kids learn about biology is to make Augmented Reality a reality on Google search. Post photos and videos of these insects, if possible.

To be able to see these insects and other animals in augmented reality, you naturally need a support device (ARCore). You also need a Google app or at least a Chrome browser. You can also search for other browsers. However, once you select 3D view, you will be directed to the Google app. Therefore, it is better to search only in the Google app.

If you are interested, you can search for the following insects here: (rhinoceros beetle, hercules beetle, atlas beetle, deer beetle, giant deer beetle, miyama beetle, glowing beetle, gem beetle, beetle, Luo Salia home, butterfly with slit tail , Morphine butterfly, butterfly butterfly, dragonfly, bee, cicada, brown cicada, periodic cicada, walking cicada and cicada cicada).

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