IPhone 5G may not arrive in September
IPhone 5G may not arrive in September

Qualcomm has indicated that at least some 5G models will be sold as normal in September.

There have been rumors recently that the next generation iPhone version will be postponed to October or November this year due to delivery bottlenecks.

Qualcomm has already released its third quarter earnings report and some forecasts for the next quarter. The company said in this report that due to the delay in the flagship phones that support 5G networks, this is expected to affect deliveries in the fourth quarter. .

It is important to note that Qualcomm's fourth quarter covers July, August and September sales.

If this is not enough to confirm rumors about the late launch of the iPhone 5G, then: some Qualcomm CEO Akash Palkhiwala (Akash Palkhiwala) said then: Some of the 5G chips due for delivery in September will be closed by the late end of this year.

Although Qualcomm has not mentioned a specific company name, it is hard to imagine the company talking about anything other than the upcoming iPhone 5G, which is expected to be available in the fall.

Apple is expected to introduce four new iPhones this year. After reaching a $ 4.5 billion deal last year, Apple will support 5G networks through Qualcomm modems.

These iPhones support 5G (less than 6GHz) and (mmWave) networks. IPhone 5G is said to be released in late October or early November due to a pandemic (COVID-19).

John Prosser correctly forecast when some Apple products will enter the market this year. He said: iPhone 12 and new iPad models will be released in October.

If the information is correct, this is not an unprecedented step for Apple, as the company announced in September 2017 (iPhone X), but it entered the store only in November.

A similar thing happened with the iPhone XR in 2018, when the company announced the phone in September and released it in October.

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