Google Smart Writing will soon be applied to WhatsApp and Telegram
Google Smart Writing will soon be applied to WhatsApp and Telegram

According to the 9to5Google Report, as Gboard users have discovered smart creation functionality in Google Messages, Telegram and WhatsApp, Google seems to be looking for new ways to turn us all into robots.

The smart writing function provides writing tips for many years. However, this did not happen in email applications. Google first activated this functionality in Gmail's email service just as Google did at the developer conference (Google I / O 2018). One year after the announcement of the smart reply feature, the "smart install" feature in Gmail's messaging service, or some call it, "smart build".

This functionality was then added to (Google Docs), and it now appears that the service is also used for messaging services. To date, this functionality has been discovered only in the update update ( The update is called a surprise (Gboard). However, if the experiment succeeds, the job can quickly overlap with all of our news.

To be fair, for Google, the smart writing feature always lets you make the final decision. If you like his suggestion, you can accept it or ignore the suggestion and continue writing.

Very few users currently have this feature in messaging apps. If you want to join them, you can try signing up (Gboard Beta).

The smart writing feature is based on artificial intelligence technology, especially machine learning technology, which allows you to delegate your email (Gmail) to write better and faster email messages now useful. Make suggestions, for example b. Greetings and most common phrases at the beginning of the email. Not only can you suggest an entire sentence by just writing a few words from the sentence, you can also speed up the process of writing an email in Gmail. To improve the user's work efficiency, you can also visit our website.

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