Tesla beats Toyota and becomes the most valuable car manufacturer in the world
Tesla beats Toyota and becomes the most valuable car manufacturer in the world

Today, after the market value of American electric car makers exceeds the market value of Toyota Japan for the first time, Tesla has become the most valuable car manufacturer in the world.

Tesla's share price rose 5% to a record $ 1135, raising the company's value to around $ 206.5 billion, while Toyota's current value is around $ 202.0 billion.

This achievement is believed to show investor enthusiasm for a company run by a well-known businessman (Elon Musk) that has yet to make annual profits. Due to the increase in the number of investors in electric car manufacturers, the company's share price has increased by more than 170% this year, which has more than doubled over the share's value for the current year.

Although Tesla outperformed the market value of Toyota compared to Japanese companies, the real difference in vehicle performance is still very large. In the quarter ending March 31, 2020, Tesla reported production of about 103,000 cars, while Toyota had no less than 2.4 million cars. The list of vehicles manufactured by American companies includes: Type S, Type X, Type 3, and Type Y.

According to FactSet data for March of last year, Toyota's value for each company, including debt, is $ 290 billion, and Tesla's value exceeds $ 252 billion.

It should be noted that Tesla's new successes are about ten days after Mask CEO said: The company's upcoming event (Battery Day) will be delayed again.

Musk's Tweet: (Battery Day) and the annual general meeting scheduled for July 7 of next year will be postponed, and the new date will be announced on July 4, one week after Independence Day.

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