Google will initially delay mobile indexing until next year
Google will initially delay mobile indexing until next year

Google has announced that it will delay its first mobile or mobile-friendly index in its search engine until March 2021.

This happened after the search giant announced in March this year that its search engine would be converted to a mobile-friendly index for the first time in September.

Since the use of smartphones to surf the internet is now more popular, Google hopes that the search results will reflect this reality.

First, mobile indexing means that Google often uses portable versions of content for indexing and ranking.

When evaluating the relevance of pages to user requests, desktop versions of the page content were previously used when Google indexed.

We realize that at these times it is not always easy to focus on business. So we decided to extend the period until March 2021.

The company has enabled mobile indexing for most of the currently indexed sites, and, by default, it has enabled mobile indexing for all new websites.

Google requires webmasters to ensure that the main content for desktop and mobile versions is the same.

The search giant said: If the mobile version must have less content than the desktop version, your website might lose some access rights if Google activates mobile indexing for your website, because that's not the case.

Google has discovered some notable issues to help prepare your website better:
  • The same robots meta tags should be used in the mobile version as in the desktop version. If you use a version other than the mobile version, Google may not be able to index or follow links on the page if the new indexing system is activated.
  • Compared to the desktop version, slow downloads are more popular in the mobile version, especially when downloading photos and videos. Google recommends slow-loading best practices, for example b. Avoid slow downloading of essential content due to user interaction. Because Google's robots do not lead to these user interactions.
  • The titles of some resources in the mobile version differ from those in the desktop version. Sometimes it appears on two different hosts. If you want Google to index these addresses, please ensure that no robots are blocked (visit robots.txt).

Other suggestions are aimed at ensuring that the images are high-resolution, have alternative functions, and are placed in suitable, accessible, accessible locations.

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