Facebook page is testing a new design without the Like button
Facebook page is testing a new design without the Like button

A new design is tested on the Facebook page, including the removal of the "Like" counter, so that the new design provides a clearer, more readable layout that is easy to use and manage. Who manages the page?

These and other functions were originally tested with a few public figures in the mobile app, but are now expanded to include a larger group of Facebook pages.

Public figures currently participating in the audition include actors, writers, creators and a small group of media companies.

The pages included in the test can give you a new experience when calling your phone.

Facebook said: Now the scope of the test is expanded with a small number of English company pages.

With its updated design and functionality, Facebook wants to simplify page usage, which can be a problem.

The social networking giant now also realizes the need to make the site easier to use as many people continue to practice social differences and choose to communicate with their communities online.

The new layout should make it easier for site visitors to view basic information such as profile and page contributions.

Note that the new design ignores the "Like" and "Like" buttons on the page. Instead, only the "Follow" button and the "Followers" counter are displayed on the page.

Over the years, many users prefer using different pages, so this change better reflects the actual reach of the page. However, due to their interest, they unsubscribe from their latest news feed.

At the same time, the number of subscribers indicates the number of people who received updates from these pages in the most recent news summary.

Having these two options leads to a more complex process whereby users like the page automatically lead to the page. However, a person can undo this continuous process by changing the settings at any time.

Page owners find this confusing and unnecessary because they want to interact with subscribers who are really interested in the page and its content.

In addition, page owners can better communicate with their followers by quickly switching between the personal account they manage and the public page when they want to comment or reply to a post.

When it comes to site management, they can assign admin access rights and manage them more specifically based on specific tasks via the updated access modification screen where the owner can switch and close management tasks.

This update is also intended to facilitate the transition to the "Page Statistics" section, where the page owner can track page performance analysis and the page owner can now access these statistics from the same page.

The "Statistics" section gives you access to the newly added set of stats, including better performing posts, and a new metric that shows how visitors interact with the linked Instagram account.

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