Grace Hopper: The New Google Marine Cable
Grace Hopper: The New Google Marine Cable

Google announced on Tuesday plans to build a new submarine cable for the fiber optic called Grace Hopper, which would connect the United States, United Kingdom and Spain as part of the enhanced services.

"Cables provide greater flexibility for networks that support Google products for consumers and businesses," said Bikash Kole, Vice President of Google Global.

He said: "Once the Hop Hopper cable is up and running, it will be one of the first new cables to connect the United States and the United Kingdom since 2003, which will improve the ability to operate Google services there. A busy global intersection."

This cable is Google's first investment in a private marine cable route to the UK and Google's first route to Spain.

The company is headquartered in Mountain View, adding that the cable includes a new fiber adapter that can be used to transfer traffic more efficiently than ever to avoid internet outages.

The cable contains 16 pairs of fiberglass. This is a major improvement in the internet infrastructure connecting the United States to Europe.

The cable runs from the sea floor in New York to the British coastal city of Bod and Bilbao in Spain, 6,250 kilometers from the United States to Great Britain and 6,300 kilometers from the United States to Spain.

Google runs many other submarine cables, one of which runs from Portugal to South Africa and is called (Equiano), the other (Dunant) that the United States is linked to France and (Curia) connects the United States, Chile and Panama. restricted.

The research giant said that these special submarine cables allow them to effectively plan the future capacity of their global users.

Google signed a contract with SubCom for the cable operator earlier this year. The project is expected to be completed in 2022.

Marine cables carry about 98% of international internet traffic around the world. With these cables, information can be exchanged, searched for, sent and received at the speed of light around the world.

With the growing demand for data-intensive services such as Netflix and Zoom, anti-corona virus protection measures are putting increasing pressure on existing networks.

The epidemic has prompted us to focus on communication and its deep roots in our daily lives, and these difficult times have shown that a stable and reliable network is no longer good for business, but is essential for business.

Investing in infrastructure is a top priority, especially in the future as the need for communication increases.

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