Tencent exceeds Facebook in terms of market value
Tencent exceeds Facebook in terms of market value

In terms of market value, the Chinese company Tencent overtook the American company Facebook and evolved to become the world's largest social media platform.

Shares of Chinese Internet giant Tencent rose 4.7 percent, with a market value of 670 billion dollars, while its competitor's market value reached 657.83 billion dollars.

About two weeks ago, the market value of the e-commerce giant Alibaba (Alibaba) rose to the sixth largest Facebook company, and the market value of Alibaba reached $ 673 billion.

American technology and Internet companies have long been a world leader, but Chinese innovation and influence, from digital payments and 5G to online games and e-commerce, are now part of the growing tension between Washington and Beijing.

With China's GDP growth, more Chinese companies will be added to the list of major global companies, and this trend will continue for a long time to come, but Sino-US relations can complicate the situation.

In addition to the cloud, the Tencent ecosystem is awash with games, social media, mobile payments, music and videos, while the WeChat social media, messaging and mobile payments app has more than a billion users.

To obtain the necessary permits for the game, the company's shares fell in 2018 after a catastrophic decline when the company faced a nine-month freeze.

This Chinese company is called (Global Mobile Games Power) and it seems that it has taken the opportunity to expand abroad, depending on its strong implementation in various types of games and the use of more than 480 mobile games.

Taiwan Company (TSMC) is the world's 10th largest by market value.

Saudi Aramco is the No. 1 company most valuable in the world with a market value of $ 1.75 trillion, followed by Apple's iPhone production with a market value of $ 1.61 trillion.

According to Bloomberg Index ranking, Ma Huateng, founder of Tencent, is the richest man in China and ranks 20th in the world with assets of $ 52.2 billion, followed by Alibaba founder. Jack Ma, ranked 21st in the world with a fortune of $ 50.5 billion.

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