Huawei's flagship phones of 2021 will not run Kirin processors
Huawei's flagship phones of 2021 will not run Kirin processors

If the situation does not improve anytime soon, Huawei may have to give up the Kirin chip next year and search for an alternative from third parties.

Huawei's smartphone sector is going through a difficult phase as the company faced the difficult task of finding alternatives to Google Apps and services last year.

The solution is to develop Huawei mobile services and invest in AppGallery.

However, the new tasks of Chinese companies are more difficult since all major phones are supported by Kirin processors developed by Hisilicon Semiconductor division and manufactured by Taiwanese company (TSMC).

The additional sanctions imposed in May prevented the two companies from developing trade relations in the future.

If the current order (such as the processor (Kirin 1020)) is fulfilled, Huawei will soon lose its chip provider.

The United States granted a 120-day grace period before the rule came into effect, so TSMC can continue to provide chips until September 15, 2020.

The report says that the next set of flagship phones (Huawei Mate 40) may not be affected, but a number of major phones in 2021 may be significantly affected.

Until the United States government extends the grace period beyond September, TSMC cannot manufacture Kirin chips.

A senior insider in the cell phone industry has said that the next series of Huawei's flagship 5nm chipset will not feature a HiSilicon processor.

In this case, the Huawei P50 series will be the first major series of mobile phones not to include the Kirin processor.

Potential alternative slide providers are Qualcomm, Samsung and MediaTek.

Qualcomm is an American company, so Huawei devices are not likely to be equipped with a Snapdragon processor, while other devices use American-style chip designs, and the product line also includes American devices.

Currently, MediaTek is the most likely solution in the future Huawei series of the leading mobile phones.

In addition, a recently released spokesperson said Huawei and MediaTek will work closely with future products, which could be another indication of this partnership.

The latest products from MediaTek redefine the price-to-performance ratio for smartphones and offer 5G functionality at new prices.

TSMC and Samsung seem to be considering the possibility of creating a production line without U.S. equipment, but no tangible news yet.

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