iOS 13.5.1 increases complaints from iPhone users
iOS 13.5.1 increases complaints from iPhone users

IOS 13.5.1 users experience problems when the iPhone battery is empty. A recent report on the ZDNet website said, "Did you notice that you have to charge your iPhone battery regularly since installing iOS 13.5.1? You may have noticed this even if you haven't done anything." On the phone, the phone will have an abnormal warmth. "

The report specifically mentions iOS version 13.5.1, which indicates that the problem of battery discharge is faster than usual, that the phone is overheating, and that reading activity (screen off) in the battery settings report is higher than normal.

The Apple Support Forum also complains that the battery in iOS 13.5 is empty.

Regular fixes (such as background application update) can fix this problem. Fortunately, Apple seems to have fixed this issue in iOS 13.6 update, because users who tried the issue mentioned that they had more problems than the previous major improvements.

As mentioned in the report, the iOS 13.5.1 update was released to fix the issue (jailbreak), but users haven't complained about many issues, including bugs and playback (MP4).

Apple said: "The iOS 13.5.1 update provides important and recommended security updates for all users. Although the update update log does not contain many details, the Apple Software Update account on Twitter indicates that the update has been fixed twice for the kernel and allowed for the development of tools Break the protection initiated by the team (Unc0ver).

It should be noted that one of the teams known to have hacked iPhones (Unc0ver) launched a new jailbreak tool that unlocks every iPhone on the latest phones with the latest version of iOS 13.5 you can.

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