In a new escalation America will prevent Huawei employees from entering it
In a new escalation America will prevent Huawei employees from entering it

"The United States will place visa restrictions on Chinese companies such as Huawei. He accused Huawei of promoting human rights violations," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday.

Pompeo also said: Telecom companies around the world should know that if they deal with Huawei, they "will deal with perpetrators of human rights violations."

Pompeo said at a press conference: The Foreign Ministry "will impose restrictions on visas issued to some employees of Chinese technology companies, such as Huawei, who will financially support systems that violate rights. Man and abuse around the world."

When asked about Pompeo's decision that British Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) decided to completely remove Huawei devices from the fifth generation network in the UK by 2027, the Foreign Secretary said, "Speed ​​is." Better and better. ''

In another statement, concerning alleged violations of Chinese Muslim minorities, Pompeo accused Huawei of being "an affiliate of a Communist Party of China (CPC) espionage country that monitors political opponents and builds detention camps in Xinjiang and allows them to enslave the population." Imposed on the country "in China".

The statement said: "Some Huawei employees fundamentally support the CCP system, which violates human rights." Huawei denied spying for the Chinese government and said the United States had hoped to halt its growth. Because no American company offers the same technology at a competitive price.

When Pompeo published the above comment, the United States pressured European Union countries to impose stricter restrictions on the world's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer and after the UK - Uni decided to prevent Chinese Huawei from entering the 5G (5th generation) network. The company has expanded its activities. To all of Europe.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the ban on Huawei. The move thwarted Beijing but was happy with Washington and prompted the British to overturn January's decision to give Huawei a limited start in the fifth generation. Shouted.

The British shift came after London's anger at China's crackdown on Hong Kong and the view that Beijing had not told the whole truth about the Coronavirus.

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