Facebook launches a new section to expose the myths of Corona
Facebook launches a new section to expose the myths of Corona

Facebook announced today (Wednesday) that it will open a new area of ​​its social network that challenges the myth of the new Corona Virus (COVID-19). This is the company's goal to prevent the spread of virus misinformation.

This new initiative by the American social media giant is following previous steps, for example b. Notifications that encourage users to wear masks and efforts to mark warnings of misleading messages.

Facebook said in a tweet: A new section called (About COVID-19), located at Covid-19 Information Center, will be added to its apps and main sites that reveal common epidemics as a myth.

Screenshots appear in a tweet that Facebook uses the World Health Organization as a reliable source and contains simple sentences such as "Hydroxychloroquine cannot treat, treat, or prevent the virus."

Facebook has already said: Don't judge the truth on social media and refuse to ban misleading political ads.

In the same tweet series, the company also announced that Dr. Mark Zuckerberg CEO Dr. Anthony Fossey was interviewed to discuss the epidemic and the U.S. government's response to the epidemic. reaction. Fossey, president of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has a clear voice from the government about epidemics and their countermeasures, but has caused some criticism in the Trump administration.

Facebook announced in early July that it had added a message to its social media news feed and Instagram home page to encourage users to wear masks.

Facebook has been fighting this since the Covid 19 virus outbreak earlier this year. In order to include inaccurate information about the virus on its platform, the company's service is a platform to spread many rumors due to the large number of users who use the service and the number of users. The number of social media users alone exceeds 2, 6 billion.

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