Leica reveals the M10-R without an inner mirror and the price is $ 8,295
Leica reveals the M10-R without an inner mirror and the price is $ 8,295

Leica announced the M10-R with a mirrorless interior design, a 40.9-megapixel full-frame sensor, and a price tag of $ 8,295.

Leica M10-R supports landscape photography and portrait photography with the most efficiency and has the advantage of capturing the smallest detail, even if a small portion of the entire scene is cropped. The M10-R camera can capture professional photos with maximum efficiency outdoors. It also helps crop a portion of the scene when shooting from a distance of 30% without reducing detail and image quality.

The M10-R also mimics the unique M10-P camera design with a 24MP sensor. Both versions are equipped with a 3-inch TFT screen (ISO 100-50000 range) and the camera is also equipped with a Maestro II image processor.

M10-R also relies on manual control via buttons and dials to adjust ISO, shutter speed and aperture, and the M10-R features a full and elegant metallic design that is the best choice for taking pictures of tourist attractions.

Leica introduced the M10-R with optical viewfinder function and manual focus system. Summilux focal length is 50 mm and 1: 1.4 aperture. The viewfinder lens also provides ultra-fast response, clear shots and shots in all lighting conditions. The best picture quality.

The M10-R also supports multi-screen focus and photography, and the split-screen system sometimes supports better AF performance.

Leica M10-R constantly shoots up to 10 photos at 4.5fps and 2GB capacity. The camera supports multiple exposures to support HDR photography.


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