Microsoft sets project launch date for Project xCloud for all
Microsoft sets project launch date for Project xCloud for all

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it will launch Project xCloud for all in September this year, which will further enhance the company's development in the cloud gaming space.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox at Microsoft, said he will offer free services to Xbox Game Pass subscribers (xCloud) that allow players to play multiplayer games.

"We will merge Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will not have to pay additional amounts," Spencer said in an article on a Microsoft blog. With Game Pass Ultimate Cloud games, you can play more than 100 Xbox Game Pass games on your phone or tablet.

Microsoft Decision is an effective commercial version of Project xCloud that allows players to continue to use the cloud, mobile phones or tablets to play their favorite games. If you want to try the service, you must register to receive invitations to get a "preview" copy of the reading service.

The new Microsoft announcement will also be released before the Xbox Series X game console. It will replace the existing Xbox One platform. The American company plans to compete with the platform (PlayStation 5) on the following platform, and its Japanese rival Sony must also compete with the platform.

It is worth noting that Alwaleed is a cloud games market. With the establishment of many companies, they faced stiff competition. For example: Google and NVIDIA offer their own services. Google's Stadia service has received many reviews and the market is still up and down. NVIDIA's GeForce Now interface has encountered some problems for developers since Activision Blizzard is off. All games. Last February.

It should be noted that Sony also has a game subscription service called (PlayStation Now) or PlayStation Now that allows players to access personal computers through the PlayStation 4 platform and many games (PlayStation). The Japanese market leader, Nintendo, is not involved in the cloud gaming market, but rather focuses on mobile gaming via switching platform and games on smartphones like Mario Kart Tour.

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